Eurosilicone Implants

Eurosilicone are a French manufacture of silicone gel implants for breasts, chin, cheek, calf, biceps, gluteus (buttocks) and testicles. Additionally the company manufacture special implants for plastic and reconstructive surgery. For additional information on special products please contact Euromedical Systems Ltd.

Eurosilicone are one of the market leaders in cohesive gel implant manufacture. Their manufacturing facility in France is one of the largest and most modern in Europe. They have over 15 years experience in implant design and production and are the only company to offer a written 'Lifetime Guarantee' for their breast implants.

Sizes of cohesive gel implants vary from 80cc through to 500cc as standard "off the shelf" products and they are available in different profiles. For example a 300cc implant will be available as a low profile (wide base with low projection), Medium profile (smaller diameter base with more projection) and high profile (smaller diameter base but maximum projection). Because all patients are different there is no one implant size or shape to suit everyone. That is why Euromedical Systems in conjunction with Eurosilicone offer the largest variety of implant sizes and profiles available today.

As well as standard round implants (the type used for most breast augmentations) a comprehensive range of anatomically shaped implants are available. These tend to be used, in the main, breast re-construction following mastectomy, however they are also suitable for some patients considering breast enhancement. Please discuss the full range of options available from Euromedical Systems and Eurosilicone with your surgeon.

Tissue Expanders

Like the range of breast implants, the Eurosilicone range of tissue expanders offer plastic and reconstructive surgeons the most flexible and comprehensive choice of tissue expanders available.

Eurosilicone now offer the most comprehensive cover for patients in their Ultimate Patient Satisfaction Program.Please make sure your surgeon is part of the BAMA agreement

Please contact the sales department via e-mail or telephone our local call rate number : 0845 130 4949.

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